Keep up-to-date with TheSkimm

I recently came across a newspaper called TheSkimm. For those have already heard about TheSkimm, yes, I may be a little late to the game. But, for those that haven’t heard of it yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. ¬†TheSkimm is a synopsis of the days current affairs, it offers it’s readers a snapshot of major events and news worthy stories in a one page newsletter which is delivered directly to your email at 6am on weekdays. It was started by two ladies who recognised that in today’s busy lives, people battle to find the time to catch up with events outside of work. They have fully dedicated their time to putting the paper together, it ¬†is well written and insightful. So, for all those busy people out there, i suggest that you sign up, grab a cup of coffee and dedicate 5min to catching up with TheSkimm.