Winter Essentials: Boots

With Winter right around the corner, I’ve been on the lookout or a new pair of boots. For me, It’s about finding the right balance between affordability, functionality and fashion. I usually look for a pair that can be worn with both a casual and more formal outfit. Boots that are fashionable but not to detailed so that they can be worn with anything… Maybe this is too much to expect from a pair of boots. However, that being said, I have found a couple of boots that are definitely worth sharing:

Boot 6 Boot 5 Boot 4 Boot 3 Boot 2 Boot 1

The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

I will admit, I have a scarf addiction. There must be over 30 scarves in my closet, far more then any one person reasonably would need. But still, I find it tough to resist the urge to buy another one when I find one that I like. To me, a scarf is the perfect Fall/Winter accessory. It not only serves the practical function of keeping you warm, but it is an item that can quickly and easily dress up any outfit. With this in mind, I have put together a collection of my must-have scarves for the cold Weather ahead.

scarf 6 Scarf 1 scarf 2 scarf 3 Scarf 4 scarf 5